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The United States is home to the highest number of Highly Cited Researchers, with 2,737 authors, representing 44% of the researchers on the list. Harvard University, home to 203 researchers is the institution has the highest concentration of Highly Cited Researchers in the world To mark the anniversary, Nature asked , which now owns the SCI, to list the 100 most highly cited papers of all time. (See the full list at Web of Science Top 100.xls or the. Most-cited papers. The most-cited paper of all time is a paper by Oliver Lowry describing an assay to measure the concentration of proteins. By 2014 it had accumulated more than 305,000 citations. The 10 most cited papers all had more than 40,000 citations. To reach the top-100 papers required 12,119 citations by 2014

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The writers at Nature News recently put together a list of the 100 most highly cited papers of all time. There are a few surprises in here, including the fact that it takes no fewer than 12,119. 3. Scientists— Biography—Popular works. I. Rogers, Kara. II. Title: One hundred influential scientists of all time. Q162.A15 2010 509.2'2—dc22 2009026069 On the cover: Discoveries such as Einstein's theory of relativity—shown in original manuscript form—are hallmarks of the genius exhibited by the world's most influential scientists To our knowledge, there is no large-scale database that systematically ranks all the most-cited scientists in each and every scientific field to a sufficient ranking depth; e.g., Google Scholar allows scientists to create their profiles and share them in public, but not all researchers have created a profile

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The 10 Greatest Scientists of All Time Albert Einstein: The Whole Package. A crowd barged past dioramas, glass displays and wide-eyed security guards in the... Marie Curie: She Went Her Own Way. Despite her French name, Marie Curie's story didn't start in France. Her road to... Isaac Newton: The Man. Some scientists are enormously influential as popularizers or culture critics or public intellectuals. In this respect, figures like Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, or Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould a generation back, come to mind. The scientists on this list, however, are here because of their preeminence as scientists doing science Here's our alphabetical list of the top 100 or so most popular scientists on the Famous Scientists website, ordered by surname. Alternatively, if you're looking for more scientists in particular fields, you could try our pages here: → Astronomers → Biologists & Health Scientists → Chemists → Geologists & Paleontologists → Mathematicians → Physicists → [ It is the most encompassing, the most researched, as well as the most unbiased rankings of scientists (including mathematicians) from every part of the world. A product of over 15 years of research and in-depth analyses of the most spectacular discoveries this world has ever witnessed

One of the most instrumental and revolutionary scientists of all time, Sir Isaac Newton is an English physicist and mathematician who discovered the law of gravitation. He formulated the three laws of motion in mechanics, discovered the infinitesimal calculus, and invented the composition of white light which integrated the phenomena of colours into the science of light The most cited physics research of all time is precisely this type of work. (Photo: GigaOm) Tom Hartsfield is a physicist and an armchair nanotube enthusiast. Related Topics: Nanotubes, Materials Science, Impact Factor, Scientific Journals, Nature (journal), Bioengineering, Graphene This is part one of what will be a two part series on the most influential scientists in history. While these are not technically the greatest scientists, there is bound to be some overlap as the contributions that many of these men and women made to science are among the most important

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  1. Famous Scientists List in Order ‍ 六 ‍ Famous Scientists and their Discoveries. ADDucation Tips: Click column headings with arrows to sort this list of most famous scientists of all time and their discoveries, reload the page to reset original sort. Reload page for original sort order
  2. 4. The time slice of 15 years (1981-1997) emphasizes older scientists, e.g. over 40. 5. Self-citation can add up, but has negligable effect on the top rated scientists that have many more citations than publications. For the top 50 cited physicists we also include affiliation (U = University, I = Industry, NL = Nationa
  3. Scientists are continuously working on making our lives better by researchers and inventions. We can always keep hoping for the betterment of our lives because the scientists are curious to invent and research. Read along for the list of top 20 most famous scientists who changed the world. 20. Luis Alvare

Top 100 most cited publications . Nature recently asked , owner of the SCI, to list the 100 most highly cited papers of all time. After an extensive search of nearly 58 million items including databases covering the life sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, conference proceedings and some books, listed the top 100 most cited work Physics professor Humberto Terrones among the world's most highly cited researchers in 2019 By Reeve Hamilton Humberto Terrones, a professor in the Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is among the most highly cited researchers in the world in 2019, according to a list released by the Web of Science Group

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The 100 most-cited scientific papers. By David Shultz Oct. 30, 2014 , 12:30 PM. Here at Science we love ranking things, so we were thrilled with this list of the top 100 most-cited scientific. I started thinking a few nights ago - not for the first time - about the greatest physicists in history. I pondered the fact that probably there are some truly great physicists whose work was or is unremittingly brilliant, but I've never heard of them because in addition to its brilliance, their work is relatively [ For example, James Watson and Francis Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA won a Nobel Prize and is arguably one of the most important discoveries of the past century Before we reveal the figures on the most-cited research, Carbon Brief has asked climate experts what they think are the most influential papers. We asked all the coordinating lead authors, lead authors and review editors on the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report to nominate three papers from any time in history Compilation of Most famous scientists Important men and women of vital importance who devoted their lives to research and who obtained great contributions, advances, inventions and discoveries for humanity. His legacy is priceless, but it never hurts to acknowledge his merits. In this article the names and images are listed simply for the sake of making the reader easier to read. However, it.

The most cited scientist of all time is et al., according to Google Scholar. That's the Latin abbreviation used in research to indicate that a group of other scientists contributed to the paper... Specifically, among the 100,000 most cited scientists between 1996 to 2017, there's a stealthy pocket of researchers who represent extreme self-citations and 'citation farms' (relatively small clusters of authors massively citing each other's papers), explain the authors of the new study, led by physician turned meta-researcher John Ioannidis from Stanford University Daly is considered a pioneer in the field of human genetics, and is amongst the most cited scientists in the field, and one of the top 100 most cited scientists of all time. He was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2017. Educatio The Most-Cited Law Review Articles of All Time times before. There is nothing new under the sun. The only thing that is important is who cites whom. If you're cited, that means you're identified as a player in the game: a scholar of significance. 5. I also published a more specific most-cited compilation listing the to Most cited scientists of all time. Economist 2c83. according to Charles Murray's Human Accomplishment. Newton 100 Galilei 89 Aristotle 78 Kepler 53 Lavoisier 51 Descartes 51 Huygens 49 Laplace 48 Einstein 48 Faraday 46 Pasteur 46 Ptolemy 43 Hooke 41 Leibniz 40 Rutherford 40 Euler 39 Darwin 3

Here are the top 10 across all fields: Name Institution h-index Citations 1. Michel Foucault, Collège de France, 231, 599470 2. Pierre Bourdieu, Centre de Sociologie Européenne; Collège de France, 218, 431995 3. Sigmund.. On Monday, we revealed the results of our survey of scientists in which we asked them to name the most influential climate change papers of all time.. The most popular nomination was a seminal paper by Syukuro Manabe and Richard T Wetherald published in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences in 1967.. Now, we turn from the subjective to the objective and look at which are the most.

Bruce Ames, one of the most cited scientists of all time, to speak on aging-related diseases at BCC Wednesday. Close. 9. Posted by 7 years ago. Archived. Bruce Ames, one of the most cited scientists of all time, to speak on aging-related diseases at BCC Wednesday. berkeleycitycollege.edu/scienc... 0 comments. share. save. hide The just-released Google Scholar ranking of most highly cited publications reveal the tremendous rise in interest surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) research. Of the five most highly-cited papers in Nature - which itself is ranked by Google Scholar as the most influential journal - three are related to AI, and one has raked in more than 16,000 citations The ISI Highly Cited Researchers list identifies researchers who publish the highest number of papers in the one per cent most cited in a number of disciplinary areas. Oxford tops most cited research table — Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisio

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives He is known for his theory of rationality and for his concept of modernity. He is currently ranked as one of the most influential philosophers in the world and is a prominent figure in Germany as a public intellectual. In 2007, Habermas was listed as the 7th most-cited author in the humanities by The Higher Times Education Guide Find the top climate change scientists on both side of the debate. We list the top 10 consensus (mainstream) climate change scientists, along with the top 5 climate change skeptics (deniers). Why acknowledge the skeptics? They're not fools. To fully understand any issue, you need to know all sides of the story

  1. In a time when most believed the Earth began in accordance to the Bible, the idea of 200-million-year-old animals buried deep within the ancient stone was at odds to the creation story, and extinction too proved problematic as it suggested the imperfect nature of God's creatures
  2. Imperial researcher listed among top five most-cited scientists in the world. by Ryan O'Hare 03 October 2019 Professor Peter Barnes ranks 4th in global list of researchers. Imperial's Professor Peter Barnes has been listed as one of the world's most highly cited scientists in a list of 100,000 scientists across 22 fields
  3. First is the sheer number of citations for the most-cited books: the most cited book, Thomas Kuhn's book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, has more citations that the entire body of work of such noted social scientists as John Stuart Mill (74,807 citations), Daniel Dennett (67,625), Avinash Dixit (61,112) or Steven Pinker (58,574)
  4. In the year 2000, 14 per cent of all citations went to the top one percent of the most cited researchers. New research shows that this figure had risen to 21 per cent in 2015. advertisemen
  5. And they arrive at a time when funding agencies, .5%, but as many as 7% of authors have self-citation rates above 40%. This proportion is much higher than among the top-cited scientists,.
  6. The top ten cited sources during the period were: Marx, Lenin, Shakespeare, Aristotle, the Bible, Plato, Freud, Chomsky, Hegel and Cicero. But that isn't all. From 1972 to 1992, Professor Chomsky was cited 7,449 times in the Social Science Citation Index-likely the greatest number of times for a living person there as well, although the research into those numbers isn't complete
  7. He holds numerous prestigious prizes, including an ETH Latsis Prize, Research Excellence Medal of the European Mineralogical Union, and three most-cited paper awards from Elsevier. He created laboratories in China and in Russia

Scientists are perhaps the most influential people in the world today. They are responsible not only for the great practical advances in medicine and technology, but they also give us a deep understanding of what the world is and how it works Clarivate Ranks Most-Cited Researchers of 2017 China shows the biggest increase of any country in the number of scientists listed since last year, while cancer genomics emerges as one of the more dominant fields The question of what to do about climate change is also still open. But there is a scientific consensus on the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Climate scientists have repeatedly tried to make this clear. It is time for the rest of us to listen. 1. 1.[↵][11]1. A. C. Revkin, 2. K. Q. Seelye , New York Times A1 (19 June 2003). 2

Most Cited Social Science Research Articles. The most cited articles published since 2018, extracted from Scopus . Social capital and self-rated health: Clarifying the role of trust. Volume 71, March 2018, Pages 98-108 I was actually surprised I couldn't find this information readily indexed but I think the most cited physics articles are still the publications pertaining to various developments in density functional theory including Generalized Gradient Approxi.. Still, quite generally, the time lag will be larger for scientists who have published for many years, as Eq. 16 indicates. Furthermore, in reality, of course, From the list compiled by Christopher King of T ISI of the most highly cited scientists in the period 1983-2002 ,.

Science and technology are often considered to be the forte of men. Nevertheless, the contribution of women to the progress of these areas cannot be disregarded. There have been numerous gifted and far-famed women scientists in history who made crucial discoveries and inventions in the world of science. Today on our Science Blog, we'll take [ Get information about famous scientists from the DK Find Out website for kids. Improve your knowledge on famous scientists and learn more with DK Find Out The h-index threshold for accepting a scientist to be examined is set to 40 provided that most of their publications are in the area of computer science and indexed in DBLP. The threshold was chosen based on the recommendation by J. E. Hirsch, PhD in his An index to quantify an individual's scientific research output paper that an h-index of 40 characterizes outstanding scientists Here are the top 10 Political Science articles by decade. To be clear, these are the most-cited articles from that particular decade, not those who were the most cited back then. The data come from the Web of Science database. These results were obtained by searching the Political Science and the International Relations categories Time does not allow me to list them all, but here is a list of the ten most-cited super classics for 1981-95. At the top of course is our old friend, the Lowry method. It is still cited thousands of times each year but after 47 years, citations are declining. This occurs with most super citation classics after 20 years

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  1. The most prolific mathematician of all time, publishing close to 900 books. Early computer scientists adored playing Life, earning Conway star status
  2. For a more data-driven look at the most influential musicians in the world, the ones who have inspired decades of younger artists after them, we should turn rather to AllMusic, an online database.
  3. As workers moved from farms and factories to desks over the last half-century, calories have been piling up: about 120 to 140 a day, a new study has found
  4. For the most cited international scientists, the limiting factor may be relevant since the citation index of almost all of these scientists is above the critical value x C. In Fig. 3 , we plot citation number Y n versus rank n for the first 205 Brazilian physicists in 1999 [42]

Born in Germany in 1879, Albert Einstein is one of the most celebrated scientists of the Twentieth Century. His theories on relativity laid the framework for a new branch of physics, and Einstein's E = mc 2 on mass-energy equivalence is one of the most famous formulas in the world. In 1921, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to theoretical physics and the. Women have made major contributions to the sciences for centuries. Yet surveys repeatedly show that most people can only name a few—often just one or two—female scientists. But if you look around, you'll see evidence of their work everywhere, from the clothing we wear to the X-rays used in hospitals Most Cited Computer Science Authors. This is generated from documents in the CiteSeer x database as of unknown date. An entry may correspond to multiple authors (e.g. J. Smith). This list is automatically generated and may contain errors. Citation counts may differ from search results because this list is generated in batch mode whereas the. But scientists are wrong all the time, in far more innocuous ways. And that's OK. In fact, it's great. When a researcher gets proved wrong, that means the scientific method is working.

The goal, Grottoli said, is to allow scientists to compare their work, make the most of the coral samples they collect, and find ways to create a common framework for coral experimentation The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2020 From the rapid development of vaccines for Covid-19 to the stunning collection of an asteroid sample, these were the biggest science moments of the. The school's alumni go on to become world-famous scientists, CEOs, astronauts, and world leaders. Seager was recognized in Time Magazine's 25 Most Influential in Space in 2012 Most data scientists spend only 20 percent of their time on actual data analysis and 80 percent of their time finding, cleaning, and reorganizing huge amounts of data, which is an inefficient data.

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A new study led by a Stanford professor reveals that a number of Schulich faculty members are among the top 2% most cited researchers in their field and/or subfield in the world.. The study, titled Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators and published in PLOS Biology, showed that 12 Schulich professors were among the top 2% most cited researchers in. When you have some time to spare, you might want to cross-plot the Einstein and Pythagorean indices for a group of scientists of your choice. A narrow cloud of data points will be the result. It follows that for most practical purposes the simple straightforward Einstein index suffices

Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals 1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position Journal of Demographic Economics - Professor David de la Croix. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites The Top 10 Most Influential People in History. 1. Ashoka the Great. Nobody really knows what Ashoka the Great looked like. Life-Span: 304-232 BC. Country of Origin: India. Most Significant Accomplishment: Kick-started the global spread of Buddhism. Crude Estimate of the Number of Human Lives Affected: 21.534 billion

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  1. (Inside Science) -- It has all the makings of a great monster story: an attempt to draw lightning from the sky, a scientist passionate to show that electricity held the secret of life, body parts and, of course, reanimation of the dead. The science that inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein is nearly as strange as the novel itself
  2. Authors of seven climate consensus studies — including Naomi Oreskes, Peter Doran, William Anderegg, Bart Verheggen, Ed Maibach, J. Stuart Carlton, and John Cook — co-authored a paper that should settle this question once and for all. The two key conclusions from the paper are
  3. Who is the most polarizing U.S. president of all time? More than 300 political scientists — all members of the American Political Science Association's Presidents & Executive Politics section.
  4. Perhaps most important and most difficult to change, is the structure of perverse incentives that places intense pressure on scientists to produce positive results while actively encouraging them.
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The most highly ranked presidents contained many of the usual suspects. Abraham Lincoln was rated the greatest president, with an average score of 95 out of 100, followed by George Washington and. For the second year in a row, the hands of the famous Doomsday Clock are just 100 seconds to midnight, the closest ever to apocalypse. In making their call, the Bulletin of the. Stanford University has recently released a list that represents the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in the world in various disciplines. A total of 1413 Belgian scientists have made it into this world ranking, with 9 of them listed in the top 10 in their research field. One of the researchers who made it onto the list is from BIRA-IASB

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Thomas Samuel Kuhn (1922-1996) is one of the most influential philosophers of science of the twentieth century, perhaps the most influential. His 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is one of the most cited academic books of all time The purpose of this paper was to determine if quantitative rankings of highly cited research authors confirm Nobel prize awards. Six studies covering different time periods and author sample sizes.. Most scientists believe that, even if every country followed through 100 percent on their voluntary pledges, there's already enough CO2 in the atmosphere to warm the planet by two degrees From human genomics to particle physics, diabetes deterrents to moon missions, Indian scientists are at the forefront of research. Here is a look at the profile 25 men and women on whom a billion hopes ride

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Face masks are emerging as one of the most powerful weapons to fight the novel coronavirus, with growing evidence that facial coverings help prevent transmission—even if an infected wearer is in. Historically, time-budget studies by social scientists usually did not even distinguish, specifically, whether a person was indoors or outdoors. In 1989, Ott reinterpreted the codes from the MCTBRP activity pattern data for 44 U.S. cities (Robin Some scientists believe that previous exposure to other coronaviruses in these regions may confer partial or total immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Others have speculated that obesity, environment or genetics could be the reason that Europe and the United States have substantially higher death rates than many Asian and African countries; after all, obesity is one of the most significant risk factors. Most recent (RSS) Most cited (RSS) About This Journal The Journal of Neuroimaging (JON) publishes articles electronically on all neuroimaging modalities from scientists and healthcare providers in the field. The journal - Average time from article receipt to first decision: 20 day

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The journal has broad coverage in terms of geographic scope, time frame, and methodology. Topics covered include economic growth, inequality, political economy, labor markets, money and banking, international trade, transportation, agriculture, education, urban growth, industrial organization, technological change, health and demography, and the role of government and regulation The most recent change of heart was considerable, several of the scientists told R. Shane Crotty, a virologist at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in San Diego, described it as scientific whiplash: In December, he had believed it was plausible to achieve so-called functional eradication of the coronavirus, similar to measles

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The company also cited a most attention-grabbing estimate of 0.26%. While no person yet is conscious of the coronavirus's exact loss of life rate, the company's vary of doubtless rates seemed alarmingly low to many epidemiologists, in comparison with present files in locations each and each interior and exterior of doors the US Scientists are divided. that's when most people watch porn for the first time. For most boys and an increasing number of girls, Other oft-cited withdrawal symptoms include anxiety,. Reports The IPCC prepares comprehensive Assessment Reports about knowledge on climate change, its causes, potential impacts and response options

In this Jan. 22, 2021, file photo, certified medical assistants Martha Sida, from left, Tina Killebrew and Cynthia Bernal prepare doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination. Jason GRAY | Cited by 315 | of University of Colorado Boulder, CO (CUB) | Read 14 publications | Contact Jason GRA Diana BORDEJEVIC, General Medicine | Cited by 55 | of Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara, Timişoara (UMFT) | Read 27 publications | Contact Diana BORDEJEVI The Elite 1% of Science! Are White European Scientists becoming the ELITE of Science? 4th March 2021 0 Comments (000573.87-E004356.63NAVRLOSUC20V).

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